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Owls and Vowels is full to the beak with addictively fun word puzzles and gorgeously designed levels.

Owlbert Flyenstein might be a little owlet, but he’s a huge bookworm. Help him as he takes flight to explore new worlds. Find hidden words and challenge your vocabulary, as you progress through themed levels and take on unique word game challenges.

What makes Owls and Vowels such a hoot?

  • Dynamic and responsive gameplay. Every move feels great.
  • 6 unique game modes and over 120 levels to explore.
  • 10 themed topics. Learn topic words and grow your vocab.
  • In-game dictionary. Define the words you spell.
  • A new word of the day. Every day.
  • Leaderboards on every level. Compare best words with Facebook friends.
  • Featuring the standardized ENABLE word list. Over 173,000 words to play with!
  • Plenty of owl puns!

Our Role

ElApps approached us to develop a word game for iOS and Android.

The first step was to conduct rigorous market research, including competitor analysis, focus groups, and user personas. As a result, we identified that there was an opportunity for a fun and engaging word game that teaches new and unique words.

We redesigned the game from the ground up, including a game design document, UI/UX wireframes, and marketing plan. The core focus of the game design is to teach the players new and interesting words. To this end, we designed specific game modes and an in-game dictionary.feature that allows players to define the words they spell.

Throughout the 3-month development cycle, we provided frequent updates to apps and iterated on the design in response to early user testing.

To promote the game we used a combination of paid promotion, influencer marketing, and press PR outreach. We had an unconventional approach to contacting Apple in regards to a feature spot.



ElApps Pty. Ltd.


March 30, 2018

Word / Trivia