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Mass Mutations is one minigame within a collection of many that form STEM Explorer: the only app to teach science, maths and related subjects as outlined by the Australian curriculum.

Mass Mutations focuses on teaching sentence structuring and basic equation solving by tasking young players with vanquishing mutant plants and bugs by answering questions associated with each one.

Powered by the Cogniss Engine, the questions scale in difficulty depending on the player’s aptitude, and redelivers topics to strategically reinforce learning.

Our Role

Having worked closely with 2and2 on a number of previous projects, we were brought in early in STEM Explorer’s development to help design the meta-narrative that encompasses all of the minigames.

We collaborated with 2and2 in a series of design workshops to generate initial minigame concepts, after which 2and2 developed several of the ideas and presented us with an early stage design document for Mass Mutations.

We were given 4 weeks for art production, implementation, and integration with the Cogniss Engine, with weekly review meetings to check in on progress and allow 2and2’s team to give feedback on the game’s UX.

STEM Explorer was released in its entirety a couple of months later, and is currently being trialed across select locations in Australia.





Release Date
December 21, 2016


Supported Languages