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“Welcome to the world’s first virtual reality shopping experience”.

eBay, Australia’s largest marketplace and the iconic Australian retailer, Myer have joined forces to provide a glimpse into the future of shopping by creating the world’s first Virtual Reality Department Store.

Within the experience, more than 12,500 products from Myer can be browsed, selected and added to cart using Sight Search™.

The app connects to the API which allows Myer’s product range, pricing and stock information to be updated in real-time – a first for virtual reality experiences globally.

Our Role

Chaos Theory was brought on late in the project’s development to assist Red Cartel’s technical team with several isolated modules. These modules included:

  • Developing the look and feel of the ambient particles effects.
  • Creating an audio engine that could handle interactive sounds.
  • Creating and animating the app’s reticule, based on reference.
  • Quality assurance and UX testing.

Our team worked very closely with Red Cartel leading up to the app’s launch, delivering these modules that could be imported into their ‘master’ project and tested in isolation.

We also had the opportunity to tear apart the pre-submission build, and identify bugs or defects in the form of prioritized JIRA stories. Due to our detailed understanding of the code architecture, we were able to suggest specific code improvements that assisted Red Cartel in solving errors as quickly as possible.


Launch Video

Simon using Ebay VR


Red Cartel

Gear VR
Cardboard VR

Release Date
May 19, 2016

Lifestyle / Shopping

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