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Rainbow Reef


Chaos Theory Games

AFK Agency

Release Date

Development Time
6 months

Team Size



Rainbow Reef is a coral reef management game where you nurture corals and collect rare and unique sea creatures. Using the sunlight collected by your corals, you can sculpt your reef to your liking and attract new creatures to visit. With a little work, you can turn creatures into permanent residents, and build a thriving ecosystem.

Be sure to fight away the algae and crown of thorns that threaten your corals to maintain a healthy reef, and keep visitors coming back.


Rainbow Reef was born out of a creative collaboration between AFK Agency and Chaos Theory Games. What started as a game focused on entertainment has evolved into a project that aims to serve a greater purpose through its educational value. As our team’s understanding of the current state of the world’s reefs matured, the need to pivot became more apparent.

The development has been a truly collaborative experience with the Chaos Theory team providing their game design and development expertise, and AFK being responsible for developing the direction, tone, content, and technology.

We are now seeking environmentally-focused charities or not-for-profit organizations to collaborate with so that we can bring Rainbow Reef to a larger audience, with a more specialized and impactful message. We would love to connect real-world data from organizations around the world so that players understand real threats to real reefs, and have a way to contribute directly through the game.


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James Lockrey
Producer, UX Design, Sound

Nico King
Art Director, Animation, UI Design, Game Design

Will Bagley
Lead Programmer