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Infinite Loop


Chaos Theory Games

Chaos Theory Games

Release Date
February 10th, 2014

Development Time
2 months

Team Size



Infinite Loop is a frantic, local multiplayer brawler. You must take control of a computer virus inside the computer! Avoid firewall scans and defensive programs while you try to trap your friends. Smack your opponent* to send them into the path of the Scanner, or leave them stunned so they get incinerated instead.

Infinite Loop contains a single survival game mode that supports 2 – 4 players locally. With over 20 levels that shuffle every 20 seconds, you will become a slave to wanting ‘just one more game’.


Infinite Loop was developed during an internal game jam – the first that Chaos Theory Games had ever participated in. Most of the game was developed in those 72 hours, with the following week set aside for adding multilingual support and publishing.

Infinite Loop was included in the Indie Royale 9 bundle, and the LazyGuysStudio ‘Pure Light’ bundle shortly after. Both organizations sold several thousand bundles which helped Infinite Loop reach a wider audience.

Infinite Loop was then listed on Steam Greenlight, but a bug in the system made the game unsearchable. The game seemingly disappeared from the service for the first 4 days of its campaign.

Infinite Loop was greenlit 9 months later.


Official Launch Trailer

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James Lockrey
Producer, UI Design, Sound Design and Music Composition

Nico King
Art Director, Animation, Game Design

Will Bagley
Lead Programmer