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Chaos Theory Games

Chaos Theory Games

Release Date
July 31st, 2015

Development Time
7 months

Team Size



GLTCH is a frantic, die-and-retry arcade game with intentional glitches. The longer you survive, the more unstable the game becomes.

Use swipe gestures to navigate the grid, collecting fragments as fast as you can. Beware of the enemies that try to get in your way: one touch means game over! Aside from enemies; dead pixels, faulty connections and over 30 unlockable glitches will make it harder and harder to survive.

Why is this game so broken? That’s the point!


GLTCH began as a student project in James’ final year of university. After 3 months of incubation and experimentation, the game was adopted as a Chaos Theory project and developed during the first half of 2015.

The game was launched for free on the Google Play Store on July 31st, 2015.

GLTCH exhibited at PAX Aus in October 2015, sharing a booth space with the Northern Sydney TAFE. The Chaos Theory team had won the booth space after claiming first prize in the Hectic Game Jam that the Institute hosts.


Launch Trailer

Selected Articles

GLTCH reminds me a lot of the classic Pac-Man arcade game.
– R Padla, Android Community

Remember that one bit in Metal Gear Solid where the boss starts to mess with you, the player, and for a few minutes you wonder if A) the game is broken or B) you’ve actually gone insane trying to follow a Hideo Kojima plotline? GLTCH is that experience, boiled down to its essentials and turned into a mobile game.
– Michael Crider, Android Police

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James Lockrey
Lead Programmer, Design, Project Management

Nico King
Art Director, Animation, Design

Will Bagley

Beau Quick