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Chaos Theory Games is an independent team of pixel pushers, code monkeys, realists and idealists. We like to work on small projects that say big things, with a focus on games and the interactive arts.

Company History

Chaos Theory Games was co-founded by three aspiring developers in 2012. The team started their first project: Oversight, which was completed over a summer as an exercise in learning the entire development pipeline.

The team spent some time experimenting with several failed prototypes and failing to find a game engine that stuck. Nico landed on the concept for S.W.A.P. which began during his studies at AIE. It was later adopted as a Chaos Theory project.

To break apart the long development cycle that S.W.A.P demanded, the team decided to host their own internal game jam – the first they’d ever run. Infinite Loop was the product of this 72-hour bender, a game that went from mind to market in less than 3 weeks. It was the first project that saw mild commercial success after it was bundled alongside other small developers. Infinite Loop was greenlit on Steam 9 months after it launched.

S.W.A.P development continued at a slow pace until the game was eventually released in September 2014. The game received a surprisingly loud response from the press, and was taken to Sydney’s EB Expo to present to tens of thousands of potential fans.

During this time, James had begun development on GLTCH during his final year of university. GLTCH graduated into a Chaos Theory Project and began in earnest at the beginning of 2015. It was the company’s first mobile title.

Chaos Theory began to develop a unique arcade game for an international veterinary brand. Bravodog, as the project became known, marked the beginning of a strong relationship with Leafcutter Creative Digital that continues today.

GLTCH released on the Play Store to a lukewarm reception. It was subsequently taken to PAX Aus where it developed the beginnings of a cult following for its intense difficulty and transparent game references.

The Chaos Theory team began to compete in the local Hectic Games Jam, in which it won first place for Autorun in August and again for Allergens in October.

James and Nico are currently active committee members of the Sydney IGDA community, acting as social media managers. They help organize events and manage the not-for-profit organization that supports local developers.


Rainbow Reef - Sneak Peek

GLTCH - Launch Trailer

S.W.A.P - Launch Trailer

Infinite Loop - Launch Trailer