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About Us

We create innovative and immersive digital experiences that challenge, inspire and entertain.

We have worked alongside some of Sydney’s top agencies such as Webling, Traffik, and AFK Agency to deliver cutting-edge digital experiences for international brands.

We have also partnered with some of Australia’s leading universities to create apps that teach dermatological course content, help optometrists diagnose eye problems, and develop empathy for patients living with a crippling disease.

Our studio was founded in 2012 by James, Will and Nico with a single goal in mind: unmistakable innovation. We set out to create games that stood out for their uniqueness, and it is this philosophy that underpins our work today.

We continue to grow and establish ourselves as a premium development company who are committed to delivering exceptional quality on every project.

Nico King Creative Director

Nico’s catchphrase is “wouldn’t it be cool if…”, because he’s always ready with another great idea to make any project special.

Nico takes charge of the artistic pipeline at Chaos Theory and is responsible for making your game look as good as it should.

James Lockrey Managing Director

James is the project manager and master of lists for Chaos Theory’s projects. You can expect to see his signature at the bottom of all of your emails.

James generally sticks his fingers in too many pies and as such fills all of the gaps between programming and art.

Will Bagley Technical Director

Will likes causing solving problems. Hard problems. He gets a kick out of well-organized code that keeps your project running at peak performance.

Will is responsible for the architecture behind Chaos Theory’s projects, and will make sure that one extra feature request won’t be a problem.

Ryan Penning Senior Producer

Ryan has a strong foundation in game design, and he worked at many different studios in his formative years before joining the #dreamteam at Chaos Theory.

Ryan’s is often the reason your game has that cool little quirk that would normally be out of scope, but figured it was worth the effort.

Jessamine Robinson - Headshot
Jessy Robinson Software Developer

Jessy is a software development generalist who’s responsible for building 80% of the moving parts in your project.

She gets fed UI designs, art assets and JIRA tickets, and turns them into fantastically functional products.