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Created by musician Lionel Robinson, Spotty Bear started out as a bedtime story for his daughter and has been lovingly developed into an app by Chaos Theory Games.

Filled with delightful music and a captivating narrative, this fun-filled adventure is an exciting way for your child to practise their colours and numbers. They can play again and again because each time the number, colour and hiding place of the spots is different. And there are lots of delightful animations to discover in each land.

Our Role

Lionel approached us to help convert his live performance musical series, Spotty Bear, into an interactive kids app that helps 4-7 year olds learn basic counting, colours, and a wholesome lesson about belonging.

Our focus was to capture the rich backstory and colourful characters that are the beating heart of the Spotty Bear songs. We created character sketches, colour concepts, and final illustrations to bring Lionel’s imagination to life. Most of the work involved was ensuring that the imagery matched his vision entirely. To do this we worked closely with Lionel, sending drafts and receiving feedback on a daily basis.

The result is a fun digital-playground for kids to explore the art and music of Spotty Bear.



Lionel Robinson


February 20, 2018

Interactive Storybook