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One Giggly Gorilla is the sequel to the PIA finalist Ten Giggly Gorillas – another show for those cheeky chimpanzees. Fling gorillas up the tree to help them find the bananas, but make sure you listen to the story to know which one to flick first! Once you’ve reached the top, tickle all your favourite characters again and watch them fall back down.

The carefully constructed rhymes and beautiful illustrations help to assist the reader in learning to count to 10. The book comes with over 100 interactions spread over 10 pages to deeply engage young readers.

Our Role

Ten Giggly Gorillas has been Wasabi Pro’s most successful app to date. Our client wished to capitalize on the quirky characters they had created by developing a sequel to this story. However, Wasabi Pro wanted the new app to be cross-platform and the previous developers had created Ten Giggly Gorillas in an iOS-only engine!

We were given the existing assets that were used to create Ten Giggly Gorillas and tasked with creating a sequel using Unity. The new story was already written and the pages already designed, but the project had a tight budget to apply a fresh coat of paint.

We began by reanimating the existing characters with Unity instead of Maya. This meant that we could take advantage of performance benefits when compared to the spritesheets used in Ten Giggly Gorillas. We also remodelled some of the existing assets so that they were game-ready.

One Giggly Gorilla took less than 150 man hours to go from paper to market. It looks like our game jams have been teaching us something


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Wasabi Productions


Release Date
May 4th, 2016

Interactive Storybook


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