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Multifab is a simple yet effective time-saving tool that we developed to improve the efficiency of our team. It’s designed to help Unity creators manage multiple prefabs at once.

Unity’s prefabs are game assets that allow you to store a set of specific properties for an object. This means that edits can be made in one place and applied to all copies of that object. For example, you can create a single prefab for a prop like a chair, and then update the mesh or texture for that chair, and all copies of that chair will be automatically updated.

Unfortunately, Unity disables it’s built-in prefab controls when more than one object is selected in the editor, which can make working with large groups of prefabs tedious and repetitive.

Multifab is designed to make creating, applying, and reverting multiple prefabs as easy as working with one.


  • Create multiple prefabs with one button.
  • Apply changes to multiple prefabs with one button.
  • Revert changes for multiple prefabs with one button



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Release Date
September 30, 2017

Editor Extensions / Utilities