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The LEK Labs Wild West Adventure app is a fun, location-based quiz designed specifically for the LEK staff to play while at a corporate getaway.

The app is presented as a wild west-themed treasure hunt, with a hand-drawn map containing a series of latitude / longitude waypoints. Players log in and begin the countdown for a 90-minute game clock. By running from waypoint to waypoint, players trigger riddles, company trivia questions, or dastardly traps.

Our Role

We were approached by Terem Technologies on behalf of L.E.K to determine whether it would be possible to rapidly prototype an MVP of the experience that the L.E.K Labs team had designed within an incredibly tight time frame.

After some rapid-fire design workshops and only 1 week of crunch-mode development, the app had gone from a rough concept to a complete product, just in time to be installed on all the L.E.K employee’s phones before they left for their WiFi-less corporate getaway.

It was an intense and rewarding experience to create such a tight, polished and unique product in such a short window. Better yet, testing meant actually leaving the office and going for a walk!



L.E.K Labs / Terem Technologies


Release Date
October 21, 2016

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