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The Lee-Ryan Eye-Hand Coordination Test was conceived by Dr Kiseok Lee as part of his PhD research in UNSW’s School of Optometry and Vision Science.

The app is used to test eye-hand coordination by requiring users to trace colourful shapes with variable levels of difficulty. It automatically records the speed and accuracy of each trace, and can send the measurements in a graph-able data format directly to a practitioner or researcher’s email address.

Many traditional methods of testing eye-hand coordination are considered repetitive and unengaging, and often require subjective assessments from those conducting the tests. The L-R app’s repeatability and mathematical degrees of difficulty provide a more cost-effective, objective testing option for optometrists and other health professionals than is currently available.

Our Role

Chaos Theory was approached by Prof. Barbara Junghuns on behalf of the UNSW School of Optometry with an early prototype of the app that had been designed years prior.

With a limited budget and a looming deadline, Prof. Junghuns wanted to improve the app’s visual fidelity and implement a few essential-but-missing features so that her post-graduate students could use the project as part of their theses, and release the app as a standalone product to the public.

We recreated the app from the ground up, implementing a complete user flow that captured and emailed tracing data directly to the practitioner and allowed for sets of traces to be played through repeatedly for researchers testing multiple users one after the other.



UNSW School of Optometry

iOS (iPad Only)

Release Date
Sep 28, 2016

Educational / Health

Supported Languages