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There are all sorts of fairies in all sorts of places – but they’re not all as cute and sparkly as most fairy books would have you believe!
There are little ones and big ones, good ones and naughty ones. And they are all different, just like us!

Fairy Allsorts looks at some of the more unusual fairies. Cranky Fairy, Farty Fairies, Spotty Fairy and Shy Fairies. Each with exciting touch interactions, animation and music on every page. With its quirky illustrations and alliterative text, Fairy Allsorts is all sorts of fun for 2 – 6 year olds .

The book comes with 16 interactive pages featuring over 100 interactions.

Original illustrations by Rebecca Pannell.

Our Role

Our client, Wasabi Pro, had been working on the design for Fairy Allsorts for several months, and they needed a developer to execute on their static illustrations. Enter Chaos Theory.

We refined the game’s design over a couple of consultation sessions, then began by stencilling the illustrations and animating them within Unity.

We iterated quickly and presented every fortnight. This meant that we were able to implement Wasabi Pro’s feedback as it came in, and we ended up expanding the project’s scope by including 5 extra pages.

With the visual content locked down, we took command of the music and sound effects, while Wasabi Pro handled the narration. We then helped package the app for distribution and gather key feedback through TestFlight.

Fairy Allsorts was the first project by Chaos Theory that was targeted at kids. Wasabi Pro has had years of experience creating children’s apps and interactive storybooks. It was our collaboration throughout the development process that helped to develop a rock-solid final app.


App Preview Trailer


Wasabi Productions

iOS / Android

Release Date
February 3, 2016

2D Action / Arcade


Supported Languages