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The Bravodog Arcade is something a little different: a physical arcade machine, played with a traditional joystick. The game lives inside a custom-designed machine that was made here in Australia. It adapts the best qualities of PacMan for an internationally recognised veterinary brand: Bravecto.

Navigate through a pixelated maze while you outrun ticks and fleas looking to bite! But all that turns on its head when you eat a Bravecto chew – because you’ve got 3 months of protection against those nasty pests.

The leaderboards are logged on the home screen for everyone to see. I wonder if anyone has beaten our 92,000 yet?

Our Role

Bravecto hired Leafcutter to design and execute a brand activation for their new flea and tick protection product. One need that they identified was boosting engagement at exhibitions – the perfect entry point for a game!

We worked in-house with Leafcutter to design the Bravodog Arcade from the ground up. Each design decision had to be approved by Leafcutter and Bravecto to ensure it maintained brand consistency. However, our close collaboration with Leafcutter meant we became attuned to Bravecto’s needs. It also meant they had a close hand in fine-tuning the gameplay during weeks of playtesting together.

The Bravecto team loved the machines and declared the game a hit success. Kids would flock to their booth and their parents naturally followed, which helped them stand out on the exhibition floor.



Leafcutter Creative

Physical Arcade Machine

Release Date
April 25th, 2015

2D Action / Arcade


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