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Case Study

The Challenge

Air pollution in some Chinese cities has reached levels where it is unhealthy to exercise outdoors. In 2016, the Chinese government funded an initiative to encourage indoor exercise. This prompted LT Sports to develop a low-consumption Bluetooth cadence sensor for exercise bikes.

To promote the launch of their new sensor, LT Sports commissioned an exclusive Virtual Reality racing game with an ambitious list of features:

  • Optimizing a real-time, 3D multiplayer game to run on mobile VR headsets.
  • Develop an advertising service to display ads and track metrics in a VR environment.
  • World first: Chromecast + Unity3D Integration to stream video from a VR mobile device.

The Solution

LENS Immersive and Chaos Theory Games developed Velo Racer, a multiplayer VR bike racing game to be used in gyms and homes throughout China. The game used LT Sports’ new Bluetooth cadence sensor to measure real-world athletic performance and translate that into the game.

Velo Racer currently features three cities, each with a unique cycling route: Hangzhou, Macau, and Sydney. Players can compete against their own PB in the time-trial game mode, or against other players in an online multiplayer race.

  • Graphical optimization was achieved by limiting overdraw, careful mesh decimation, and creating a custom render order to better batch-render objects.
  • We created a custom in-app advertising system to serve ads on virtual billboards, blimps, and road signs. The system tracked gaze time, impressions, and unique impressions which were then reported to the client.
  • The Chromecast integration was the most technically demanding aspect of the project requiring a custom solution to be built to account for the VR display.

The Results

  • The game was exhibited at the Macau Gaming Show, with an 80% increase in foot traffic compared to competing booths.
  • The source code was delivered to LT Sports and coaching provided to their team so that they were able to implement new levels.
  • The advertising system is currently serving LT Sports ads to players and reporting metrics to the client.

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