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It’s The Final Devblog: Week 26

GLTCH is live! It’s actually live. This labour of love has taken exactly half a year to hit the Play Store (yes, we started the devblog in our first week) and the refresh button could not have been pressed more times as we waited for the final submission to go live. It’s free, so download it…

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GLTCH Devblog: Week 23

*cue drum roll* TRAILER! It’s been more than a long time coming (seriously, don’t go back and look at the last piece of video content that we published for GLTCH), but our launch trailer has been recorded, beat matched, edited and released to the public. And you know what a launch trailer means? Release dates! Look…

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S.W.A.P v1.0 – The end of the beginning

It’s finally time for S.W.A.P to drop. After 16 different beta builds and over a year of development and playtesting, version 1.0 is finally ready for the public’s consumption. For long-time fans of the game, there is a whole lot of new content in the new release – from new booster tile types to team…

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Project Desola – First Announcement

The Chaos Theory blog has been running quietly over the past couple of months, perhaps a little TOO quietly. We’ve kept our cards close to the chest, but we’ve been holding onto 2 jokers for a while now and our bluff remains uncalled. Desola is a 1v1 turn-based strategy / shifter for iOS and Android…

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