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Infinite Loop was Greenlit? Since when?

“Congratulations, Infinite Loop has been Greenlit!” That is one of the better emails we’ve woken up to recently, and we would like to extend our thanks to all our supporters in the Steam Greenlight community for letting it happen. After over 300 days within the system, it seems we’ve been chosen to be among one…

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Oh S***, We Got Published

After a period of uncertainty with our snail-pace progress on Steam’s Greenlight following our week long banishment from the Greenlight service, we began looking for other, smaller distribution platforms that would be willing to take a look at Infinite Loop. Little did we know how many services there are out there that will help market…

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SOS Devblog: Week 4

We’ve returned from our brief hiatus where we divulge in giving and receiving loot (and what good loot it was this year… #NextGen). I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year celebrations, perhaps in a similar style to Sydney’s $150 million worth of fireworks? So much has happened over the last couple of weeks: we’ve submitted…

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