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GLTCH Devblog: Week 12

Nico has been absent this week, choosing to meet his day with destiny instead. This means GLTCH’s art has hit a standstill, but there’s been plenty of activity in programming land to make up the difference. GLTCH’s interactive tutorial has been scripted and can be played from start to end. It functions much better than…

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GLTCH Devblog: Week 1

Goodbye placeholders, your long period of service will be fondly remembered, and your inept visual indication quickly forgotten in the wake of much more aesthetically delicious counterparts. This week has seen immense changes to both the gameplay and aesthetics of GLTCH, and with all the revised entities now hooked up correctly in-engine the game is…

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How Stellar: Novae

Hola, Internet. Today, we’re really excited to lift the veil from our gleaming podium of game-ideas-we-actually-like to introduce Novae. Novae is a puzzle / strategy game for Android and iOS, and actually represents our team’s first foray into the incredibly dense waters of mobile game development. Although it’s slowly evolved to something quite technically complex,…

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