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GLTCH: The First Byte

We’ve been running a very covert operation over the holiday season, mostly due to lengthy overseas travel to soak up some sunshine before returning to our screen-lit paradise. It’s time to break the seal on our silence and proudly announce our new project, GLTCH. GLTCH is the first mobile game that we’ve worked on, and…

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Jetpacks and Feedback: The S.W.A.P. Journey

Greetings all, I’m Nico King, the Creative Director here at Chaos Theory, and for the past year I’ve had the pleasure to be the project lead on S.W.A.P – a game that began as a student project and is now late in the beta testing phase. It’s been a thrilling ride, and we’ve all aged…

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How Stellar: Novae

Hola, Internet. Today, we’re really excited to lift the veil from our gleaming podium of game-ideas-we-actually-like to introduce Novae. Novae is a puzzle / strategy game for Android and iOS, and actually represents our team’s first foray into the incredibly dense waters of mobile game development. Although it’s slowly evolved to something quite technically complex,…

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SOS Devblog: Week 6

Every week working on SOS (aside from being, you know, the dream, working on your own projects and such) seems to be a series of cursing and blessing for the snapshot mechanic. We’re really excited to unveil it to our early alpha testers because it really does feel unique, and something that none of the…

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