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SOS Devblog: Week 8

Unfortunately, our highly efficient staggered vacation schedule has left us without a programmer this week, and due to the release of the S.W.A.P Beta, much of SOS’s development has ground to a halt. This week comprised mostly of myself playtesting the currently buggy-as-all-hell SOS build to determine exactly how many hundreds of things need fixing.…

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SOS Devblog: Week 6

Every week working on SOS (aside from being, you know, the dream, working on your own projects and such) seems to be a series of cursing and blessing for the snapshot mechanic. We’re really excited to unveil it to our early alpha testers because it really does feel unique, and something that none of the…

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Project SOS in Development

And so it begins… again. Another uni semester over, and why enjoy a few weeks of freedom when we could begin working on our next project? The Chaos Theory team have been working non-stop over the past last month on game #2, codenamed Project SOS, which is a 2D physics-based platform puzzler (needs more adjectives,…

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