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S.W.A.P v1.0 – The end of the beginning

It’s finally time for S.W.A.P to drop. After 16 different beta builds and over a year of development and playtesting, version 1.0 is finally ready for the public’s consumption. For long-time fans of the game, there is a whole lot of new content in the new release – from new booster tile types to team…

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Enough is Not Enough!

Do you want to see S.W.A.P taken to the next level? Have you been playing non-stop since launch but want to see more (abilities, tiles, game modes, arenas)? We’ve been gaining an incredibly humbling amount of traction over S.W.A.P’s launch, and plenty of positive encouragement to keep pursuing the innovative mechanics that drive S.W.A.P and lead…

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SOS Devblog: Week 2

Lighting, lighting, lighting. Almost all of this week’s development focused around the implementation of our customized 2D lighting system and painstakingly debugging pixel shaders. We’ve known for months how essential the lighting system is in constructing the aesthetic and mood of SOS, and the development of a flexible, powerful and fast system that can operate…

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SOS Devblog: Week 1

We’ve restarted full-time development on The Story of Sin (Project SOS), and wanted to begin an ongoing development blog to keep our internet friends up to date on our progress. It’s going to be an eventful few months of panic, coffee and early morning office hours, but we’re all excited to see where it leads…

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