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The Bravodog Arcade

Last month, we helped build a joystick-powered physical arcade machine. Working alongside Leafcutter on behalf of the veterinary company Bravecto, we were tasked with developing a game that could help drive engagement on the exhibition floor. We got to move out of our home office temporarily to work in-house with Leafcutter. This meant that we were…

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How Stellar: Novae

Hola, Internet. Today, we’re really excited to lift the veil from our gleaming podium of game-ideas-we-actually-like to introduce Novae. Novae is a puzzle / strategy game for Android and iOS, and actually represents our team’s first foray into the incredibly dense waters of mobile game development. Although it’s slowly evolved to something quite technically complex,…

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Project Desola – First Announcement

The Chaos Theory blog has been running quietly over the past couple of months, perhaps a little TOO quietly. We’ve kept our cards close to the chest, but we’ve been holding onto 2 jokers for a while now and our bluff remains uncalled. Desola is a 1v1 turn-based strategy / shifter for iOS and Android…

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The S.W.A.P. Beta is Now Available!

You may remember it from the EB Expo in Sydney, but after many months in incubation, the S.W.A.P beta is finally ready to make its debut appearance to the public. The original alpha was developed by a team of students from AIE Sydney, and has been continued under the Clockwork division title, being helped here…

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Oversight Beta Released

Its been roughly 6 months in development, but our first beta of Oversight is available to download from the site. 3 of the 4 proposed game modes have been implemented (still working on the Challenge Mode), and we have a few more ideas of additional features to add and include based on the games’ reception.…

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