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Case Study


We were approached by Appsquare and NAKATOMI to assist with the development and delivery of the ABC Space Discovery AR App.

The project was a pleasure to work on, where our team was responsible for implementing the UI, creating the functionality for the Jupiter experience, and consulting on mobile development in the Unreal Engine.

The project brief outlined that the app was going to be played live on national TV, with only 4 weeks for development. No pressure!


Some of the challenges we faced:

  • AR support in Unreal Engine is relatively new and not well documented.
  • Creating dynamic UI that works with all resolutions, aspect ratios, and accounting for the notch on the iPhone X.
  • The incredibly short development timeline meant that there was little room for error.


Our solutions to the key challenges we faced:

  • To ensure suitable AR functionality, we ran performance benchmark tests using target devices, giving an accurate guide for polygon count and draw call limits. We also investigated alternative versions of Unreal that had been recompiled by Google for complete ARCore support.
  • To save time, we modified the UI to fit around the iPhone X’s notch, rather than implementing a system that dynamically adapted to it.
  • Our team worked in-house with the client to ensure smooth integration of components.


We are happy to report that the project was completed on time and we were able to see it being used on ABC’s Stargazing programme!

Some of the highlights:

  • Being a part of the development of the ABC’s first AR app.
  • Being broadcast on national TV and seen by thousands of viewers across Australia.
  • Featured in the “New games we love” on the US App Store.
  • Teaching everyone about space and astrophysics!

If you have a compatible device and would like to try the ABC Space Discovery AR App, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

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