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Yearly Archives : 2018

ABC Space Discovery – AR App

Case Study Overview We were approached by Appsquare and NAKATOMI to assist with the development and delivery of the ABC Space Discovery AR App. The project was a pleasure to work on, where our team was responsible for implementing the UI, creating the functionality for the Jupiter experience, and consulting on mobile development in the Unreal…

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Owls and Vowels – Case Study

Case Study Overview Late last year, we were approached by ElApps to develop their word game prototype into an App Store-ready product. We combined our mobile development and e-learning expertise to create Owls and Vowels: a word game where players are encouraged to expand their vocabulary by spelling new words such as “jiffy”. Did you…

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Flood Visualisation – Case Study

Case Study Overview We were approached by info4eco to create an immersive simulation that visualises flooding in real-world locations using big data sets. The simulation is designed to help Canberra’s homeowners and government advisers understand and mitigate flood risks for both existing properties and new developments. A collaboration between our two companies, info4eco contributed their expertise…

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L.E.K Labs Wild West Adventure – Case Study

Case Study We were approached by Terem Technologies on behalf of L.E.K Consulting (Sydney) to develop a location-based alternate reality game, all within an incredibly tight time frame – 2 weeks! The Wild West Adventure app was to be used during a corporate getaway to entertain staff, and as a demonstration of what can be…

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Velo Racer – Case Study

Case Study The Challenge Air pollution in some Chinese cities has reached levels where it is unhealthy to exercise outdoors. In 2016, the Chinese government funded an initiative to encourage indoor exercise. This prompted LT Sports to develop a low-consumption Bluetooth cadence sensor for exercise bikes. To promote the launch of their new sensor, LT…

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