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Monthly Archives : March 2017

The Virtual Reality Reality

The early adopter days of virtual reality tech are over. Today, virtual reality is our reality. Millions of users are plugging in via their phones (Samsung Galaxy’s Gear VR and Google’s Cardboard), gaming consoles (Sony’s PlayStation VR) and PCs (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) every day. Let me put into perspective how widespread VR has…

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Playing the Long Game: How the World’s Biggest Organisations are Gamifying for Success

A decade ago, gaming had a much different role in the workplace. Reserved for young, “hip” organisations with nap rooms and bring-your-pet-to-work-policies, games were merely a fun distraction from the daily grind. Now, gaming isn’t just a pastime for tech-savvy young upstarts. Instead, it’s a bona fide development tool, helping some of the world’s biggest…

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