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Monthly Archives : March 2015

GLTCH Devblog: Week 8

Why is Graphics.PresentAndSync taking so long? Woah that’s a lot of hotspots in overdraw view. Are you sure you need 80 particles a second in this effect? Optimize! Reduce! Make it faster! We’ve been performing bucket loads of optimization this week while working with the profiler. If the difference between Unity Pro and Free was…

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GLTCH Devblog: Week 7

After a lengthy back and forth, Nico has finally approved the new program designs and implemented a static version of each in game. The new programs are all animated via spritesheet, no meshes required. This means that we can finally pull out the lights in the game to improve performance, as everything is now relying…

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GLTCH Devblog: Week 6

The beta release date is bearing down on us, and we’ve been working hard this past week to include one of the next milestones biggest components: Progression mode. Up until now, there has only been one core way to play GLTCH and that is Infinite mode, a survive-for-as-long-as-you-can gambit. Progression mode is more like a…

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GLTCH Devblog: Week 5

Unreal is free! Unity is free! Source 2 (wait, what?) is free! This week has been a good news overload, and the friendly competition between the different game engines available to young game developers like ourselves means that it is truly a great time to be one. We were on the verge of subscribing to Unity…

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GLTCH Devblog: Week 4

This was a week of small victories – improvements, tweaks and changes from playtesting sessions that have cumulatively amounted to a much better gameplay experience. We managed to find the time towards the end of the week to sit down and actually play through the massive changes that have been recently introduced (something we don’t…

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