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Monthly Archives : February 2014

SOS Devblog: Week 8

Unfortunately, our highly efficient staggered vacation schedule has left us without a programmer this week, and due to the release of the S.W.A.P Beta, much of SOS’s development has ground to a halt. This week comprised mostly of myself playtesting the currently buggy-as-all-hell SOS build to determine exactly how many hundreds of things need fixing.…

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The S.W.A.P. Beta is Now Available!

You may remember it from the EB Expo in Sydney, but after many months in incubation, the S.W.A.P beta is finally ready to make its debut appearance to the public. The original alpha was developed by a team of students from AIE Sydney, and has been continued under the Clockwork division title, being helped here…

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Oh S***, We Got Published

After a period of uncertainty with our snail-pace progress on Steam’s Greenlight following our week long banishment from the Greenlight service, we began looking for other, smaller distribution platforms that would be willing to take a look at Infinite Loop. Little did we know how many services there are out there that will help market…

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