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Yearly Archives : 2013

Our First Game Jam: Infinite Loop

After a day and a half of post-jam hibernation, I think I’m just about ready to write up this post. This last week has been exhilarating and exhausting, but it was an incredible experience to be able to produce game content so quickly, and great training for when we are eventually able to enter a…

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SOS Devblog: Week 2

Lighting, lighting, lighting. Almost all of this week’s development focused around the implementation of our customized 2D lighting system and painstakingly debugging pixel shaders. We’ve known for months how essential the lighting system is in constructing the aesthetic and mood of SOS, and the development of a flexible, powerful and fast system that can operate…

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SOS Devblog: Week 1

We’ve restarted full-time development on The Story of Sin (Project SOS), and wanted to begin an ongoing development blog to keep our internet friends up to date on our progress. It’s going to be an eventful few months of panic, coffee and early morning office hours, but we’re all excited to see where it leads…

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GCC #31 – Pre-Teen // Party Game

** The GCC is Chaos Theory tradition, where each fortnight we pitch a game concept to each other restricted by a particular theme and genre. ** GCC #31 marks the beginning of our new concept structure! Although we discuss each concept when we present them to each other, a lot of that additional information gets…

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Project SOS in Development

And so it begins… again. Another uni semester over, and why enjoy a few weeks of freedom when we could begin working on our next project? The Chaos Theory team have been working non-stop over the past last month on game #2, codenamed Project SOS, which is a 2D physics-based platform puzzler (needs more adjectives,…

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Oversight Beta Released

Its been roughly 6 months in development, but our first beta of Oversight is available to download from the site. 3 of the 4 proposed game modes have been implemented (still working on the Challenge Mode), and we have a few more ideas of additional features to add and include based on the games’ reception.…

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